About me

Graphics Designer / Visual Engineer / Expert on Visual Communication.

Trainer, Experienced Public Speaker, Project Manager.

Good afternoon! My name is Gundars Strazdins.

Through my experience in visual communication, educational blog posts, engaging workshops and killing Instagram feed, I am here to help to make your visual content / advertisements / social media images / presentations influential and well designed – while making it all feel like it is not a rocket-science.

My work has helped lots of businesses and organizations to get well-designed visuals they need to sell their products to the right audience, as well as gain knowledge on how many of the elements of the visual content work together to make the desired impact.

When I am not in designing great visuals or teaching visual communication, you can find me hanging around with friends, traveling, dancing or organizing some events.

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Freelancer. Business owner.

My main daily activities are related to graphics design. I can help to deliver the visual content you need.

Trainer. Expert.

I am an Expert on Visual Communication. Visual … what? Well – it is an art and science of designing visual content in a way that makes others act and feelΒ the way you want. I can teach these skills to you as well.

Public Speaker.

I love working with people and am not afraid of appearing on the stage. Feel free to invite me as a Speaker at your next event.



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